How Do I Place My Order?

First choose the product, then the quantity and click on ‘call us’ button. Then fill the submission form with your phone number.After that we will contact you.

How Do I Know My Order Has Been Confirmed?

Once you place your and payment has been deducted and authorised by your bank, you shall receive an email confirming your order.

If I Do Not Receive An Order Confirmation Email

If you do not receive your order confirmation e-mail, check your spam/ trash folder. in case you don’t find the confirmation mail there also, write us at kirtiteatrading@gmail.com, we will get back to you or you can also send a message on whatapp no. 8178189494.

Can I Cancel/ Modify My Order?

Yes, to modify or cancel your order, write us at kirtiteatrading@gmail.com or Whatsapp at 8178189494. But it has to be done before the order is shipped.

How Many Tea Can I Choose In An Order?

As much as you like indulge in but not below 100kgs.

How To Track My Past Orders?

After your tea has been despatched, you will be provided with the shipment tracking details with which you will easily be able to track your order.



What Are The Various Methods Of Payment?

when you proceed to pay after choosing your tea, you will be provided with various options for payment.

How To Check Payment Status?

After the payment is accepted, you will receive a mail confirming your payment.

How To Claim Refund For My Cancelled Order?

The refund for your cancelled order will be automatically debited to your account. In case its not, please write us at kirtiteatrading@gmail.com .



How Do I Return My Order?

In order to return the order, courier the tea at the provided address.

How Do I Return My Order If The Quality Is Not Satisfactory?

Please write to us at kirtiteatrading@gmail.com and let us know your concern. We will get back to you. Shipment and Tracking.

What Is The Expected Delivery Period?

The expected delivery period is 7 to 14 working days depending upon your location

Are your Assam wholesale tea prices the lowest?

Our teas are not cheap, but they are not inflated by middle men and brokers. Kirti tea only focuses on the good quality teas. However, if you are looking for the low range, we are happy to source this for you. Please note that we don't sell 'poor' or 'bulky' quality teas that goes in tonnes. In this case, you are better of finding another supplier specialized in this segment of Assam wholesale teas.

Benefit from our Assam loose leaf tea sourcing network

For many of our business customers, it's not worth the time and money to travel to Assam and connect with farmers. This is especially the case when you want to avoid investing in large stock that many big Assam tea trading companies require.

Kirti tea, has built up a valuable network of excellent Assam tea farmers. All farmers in our network, have passed our demanding quality requirements. Our cooperation with farmers have made it possible to offer you a comprehensive wholesale Assam tea catalog with competitive pricing. Even if you can't find the loose leaf tea that you are looking for, 99% percent of the times we can source for you from our network.

Are you looking for a wholesale Assam tea supplier to start a tea business?

If you are planning to start your own tea business than you are at the right place. At Kirtitea, you can start with placing small wholesale Assam tea orders. Starting from just 100 kgs you can already enjoy a wholesale prices and the discount can go up to 10% when ordering 1000 KG. The additional benefit is that you don't have to worry about the quality. We can assure you excellent quality, while you can focus on successfully promoting your business.