About Dooars Tea

Dooars Tea

Situated below the Darjeeling belt in north-east India, the Dooars region in the foothill is full of plantations. With worldwide popularity, the Dooars tea varieties have that unusual aroma and sweetness ,which is why they are mixed with Assam CTC through the curl, crush as well as tear methods after the tea leaves gets plucked for further processing into packet teas. Tea from Dooars are detailed as crystal clear, black, dense. The first flush tea leaves have that heavenly fresh taste, shininess but the second flush becomes more crispy.

But over the years, the tea cultivation in Dooars have been degrading. Climate change such as sudden rainfall, high temperatures ,chemical pesticides ,red spiders which increases as temperature accelerates after March.

With more than 324 tea gardens spread all over the plains, the scintillating experience of Dooars Tea gardens seems worth mentioning .The awful with awful greeneries with the best tea garden resorts offers a pocket friendly price.

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